Terms & Conditions

  1. Only clients of Lyons Law Corporation may make online payments through this website. Third-party payments are not permitted.
  2. Payments will be applied first to any outstanding account balance and any remaining funds held in trust as a retainer for the indicated matter.
  3. Payments may be refused or refunded (in whole or in part) if the amount is too small or too large, if the client matter or account cannot be identified, if there are signs of fraud, criminality, or money laundering, or for any other reason.
  4. Payments are in Canadian dollars only. Foreign currency payments may be converted to Canadian dollars by financial intermediaries at the prevailing exchange rate, at the payor’s expense and risk.
  5. Return of surplus retainer funds may be by cheque, if not refunded at the time of payment.
  6. By paying a retainer for a matter, the client acknowledges receipt of Lyons Law Corporation’s retainer letter for that matter and agreement to its terms (which supplement and do not replace these terms and conditions of online payment).